Sjóður: Nýsköpunarsjóður námsmanna
Umsóknarár: 2023
Heiti verkefnis: Sustainable Agriculture: The Future of Farming
Tegund: Náttúruvísindi
Umsækjandi: Amber Monroe
Umsjónamenn: Cristina Isabelle Cotofana (Sveppasmiðja)
Lykilorð: sveppir, aquaponics, fæðuöryggi, sjálfbærni, landbúnaður


Hnotskurn: The primary project goals are to educate and provide a research platform for university students interested in sustainable agriculture, specifically in the areas of mushroom cultivation and aquaponics production. Mushrooms can be grown on agricultural and forestry waste and the students’ projects at Sveppasmiðja will examine different locally sourced raw materials for both in and outdoor cultivation. They will compare the performance of different substrate mixes under different environmental conditions. In the students’ aquaponics project at Ísponica, they will study the growth of basil in small-scale aquaponics systems using wastewater from fish tanks. Aquaponics is the cultivation of plants and animals in a recirculating environment, which utilizes natural bacterial cycles to convert fish waste to plant nutrition. The data collected will assist in determining the economic viability of aquaponics at commercial scale in the Icelandic market.

Heildarupphæð: 3 months salary for two students